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In celebration Slots game onlineof Women’s History Month and the Online Live Casinoamazing women who work at Envoy, we wanted to share a few quick interviews that highlight their hard work and dedication to inspire others. Let’s meet Slots game online who is a Manager of Flight Operations based at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

What is your Envoy story?

I’ve been with Envoy for almost 37 years. I started with the company as a Flight Attendant and held roles as a Flight Service Manager, Human Resources Representative, Flight Tech Pubs Manager, and Flight Training Facilities Manager.

Now my current role is DFW Flight Operations Manager where I assist the Chief Pilot, Captain Anne Engle, with the overall day-to-day operations, attendance, performance, investigations, and oversee office staff.

What is the significance of Women’s History Month to you?

It’s motivating to see the recognition of women and their contributions to Envoy, and to see the expansion of women in leadership roles.

Do you have any mentors/women you’ve looked up to throughout your life or career?

First, it would be my mother. She is the one who taught me my work ethic, to be dependable and honest and, above all, loyal. She is who I have admired all my life.

Second, I would have to say my boss Captain Anne Engle, she has shown me how a female can succeed in a male-dominated position. She runs the largest pilot base and has the respect of all who meet her.

What are some things you hope to see for women in this industry in the future?

I would like to see more and more women as pilots, it is getting better especially with groups like Women in Aviation (WAI), the 99’s and our recruitment team.

Where did you take your favorite non-rev trip and why was it the best?

I’m not much of a traveler, but when I do travel it’s to see my family. Family is very important to me and having the ability to jump on an airplane for a few days to be a part of a special occasion or to just stay in touch means the world to me.

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