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All the information you need to know is available below.

Retiree non-rev Travel

Travel privileges can be found on the Regional Retiree Travel site

Deals & Discounts

Retirees are also eligible for a wide range of exclusive AAG discounts on travel, hotels, retail and more. Click here to view the AAG Deals & Discounts site.

Moved? Let us know!

Simply send an email to with your new address. Slots game onlineRemember to include your name, employee number and a scan of government-issued identification or a recent utility bill to verify your new address.

Payroll / Form W-2 Inquiries

  • To view pay statements issued before July 1, 2021, visit ePays

  • To view pay statements for checks on/after July 1, 2021 or to download your Form W-2, visit myADP

  • For Employment verification, contact The Work Number

Former Canada-based employees can access Dayforce to view and download historical pay statements and T4/RL1. Please use the following information to access your account:

  • Company name: americanairlines

  • Userid: (6 digit Employee ID e.g. 123456)

  • Sample Password: (Birth year + Login e.g. 1990Login)

Pilot Training and Qualification Records

Pilots who require training and qualification documentation may contact
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