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Meeting at a flight school might sound like the start of a classic aviation romance, but for Envoy Captains Sebastian Sanchez and Jessica Christofersen Sanchez, it was the beginning best online betting sitesof a partnership both in the skies and in life. Today, they share their love story and how it led them both to Envoy.

Flying high together

Hailing from opposite hemispheres of the globe—Sebastian from Bogota, Colombia and Jessica from Batavia, Illinois— the pair found themselves on parallel paths heading toward the same destination: becoming pilots. Despite the intensity of their training, fate intervened when they were randomly paired up for flight hours and sparked a connection.

The two bonded during shared flights along the Florida coastline and heartfelt conversations. Their love story reached new heights on May 4, 2019, when they tied the knot.

While the pair are traveling in the same direction together, their paths didn’t start out that way. For Sebastian, aviation was a lifelong passion, with a background in aerospace engineering and experience in the airline industry. Meanwhile online live casino gamesJessica, a former United States Army servicemember, discovered her love for flying during a discovery flight with friends.From that moment on, she was determined to turn her dream of becoming a pilot into reality.

Envoy is for lovers

Choosing Envoy for their aviation career was a decision rooted in both practicality and ambition.

“Envoy has a solid reputation,” said Jessica. “We have always wanted to work for American Airlines, and Envoy was the obvious choice because of its heritage as American Eagle Airlines and flow to American.”

Sharing the same career path has not only strengthened Sebastian and Jessica’s bond but has also provided them with a deeper understanding of each other’s challenges and triumphs. As Envoy Captains, they relish the opportunity to build their team and shape the culture of their flights, surrounded by colleagues who have become like family.

best online betting sites“We really love the people, the places, and the culture at Envoy,” said Sebastian. “Some of our closest friends have been made here at the company.”

Love birds

Their company Benefits, travel privileges and schedules allow for the pair to travel regularly and visit friends and family across the world.

“We have collected so many memories that it is a challenge to choose just one favorite,” Jessica said. “If we had to choose one, it would be our trip to South Korea to visit a dear friend from flight school.”

On the ground, Sebastian and Jessica share a love for soccer, and enjoy embarking on adventures to iconic stadiums around the world. From Colombia to France, Germany and Norway, Sebastian and Jessica’s journey through the skies together has been full of unforgettable moments bound by love and a passion for aviation.

Thank you, Jessica and Sebastian, for sharing your story with us!

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