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We compiled a list of aviation-themed books to take with you on your next vacation. Check out our list below and comment with your favorite avgeek summer reads!

  • best online betting sitesStars in the Sky is an honest and entertaining account of integration in the ranks of commercial flight Online Live Casinoattendants. The author, Casey Grant was featured on the Envoy blog earlier this year.
  • The Fly Girls Revolt: The Story of the Women Who Kicked Open the Door to Fly in Combat by Eileen Bjorkman – This is the untold story of the women military aviators of the 1970s and 1980s who kicked open the door to fly in combat in 1993, along with the story of the women who paved the way before them.
  • Doctor Proctor’s Space 2 Inspire: The Art of Inspiration by Sian Proctor – This book follows the creative journey of Dr. Sian Proctor to orbit with the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission through her art and poetry. It’s a whimsical poetic tale of her becoming the first black female commercial astronaut and the first black female to pilot a spacecraft. Each page beautifully melds her art and poetry into a visually compelling cosmic adventure into Afrofuturism and the pursuit of dreams.
  • Earning My Wings: A Story of Life after Death by Shahd Majeed – Shahd Majeed is a female Iraqi pilot who takes readers through her journey as a child growing up in Iraq amidst war and economic sanctions. After battling stringent traditions and religious barriers and completing college in her home country, she immigrated to the United States and went on to receive her master’s degree in business administration and finally earn her wings as a pilot.
  • What a Ride! My Life with The Original Right Stuff by Chuck Yeager – Delve into the private lives of Chuck and Victoria Yeager, together for almost 21 years as Victoria Yeager, Chuck Yeager’s wife, reveals the truth about this great American hero, a hero’s hero. Read inspiring stories of their extraordinary life together from her secret diaries.
  • 101 Chuck Yeager-isms: Wit and Wisdom from America’s Hero by Chuck Yeager – New York Times #1 best-selling author, Chuck Yeager risked his life to break the sound barrier opening up space. Many are inspired by his wit and wisdom that got him through poverty in the hollers of West Virginia, helped him escape the Gestapo and become Online Live Casinoa fighter ace and hero in World War II, and made him the greatest pilot who ever lived.
  • Shatter the Sky: What Going to the Stratosphere Taught Me about Self-Worth, Sacrifice, and Discipline by Merryl Tengesdal – In this inspirational memoir, retired Colonel Merryl Tengesdal shares her Life Lessons on everything from her career in the military, being the first and only black woman to pilot the U2 aircraft, to marriage and motherhood – and everything in between.
  • The Hurricane Within by Ashlee Leppert – In “The Hurricane Within” we travel with United States Coast Guard Air Medal recipient Ashlee Leppert through sudden reassignments that take her into the heart of Hurricane Harvey with all of its disaster and triumphs.

For the littlest avgeeks

  • Thundermouse by Caroline Jensen – The perfect book to read in military families and single-mom homes, as well as aviation enthusiasts, “Thundermouse” will bring comfort to children who miss their parents when they’re working.
  • online live casino gamesAva the Aviator: The Adventure Begins; Ava the Aviator: The Adventure Continues by Daine Meszaros – “Ava the Aviator” book series is the story of a young girl who dares to follow her dream. Ava’s adventures are sure to entertain and educate young readers while showing them that they, too, can achieve anything and that the sky really is the limit when you follow your dreams.


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